Munstead Horse Trials 2018

Heath Farm, Heath Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1UN
18th March 2018  

Munstead (1) Horse Trials (18th March 2018) Munstead (1) saw the reversal of the XC course for the first time, which made for some anxious Munstead veterans. However, after completing the course, most riders were happy with the changes. Also, there was the introduction of the new water complex. Jeremy Harvie and BALLYLENNON REMO (1) had the privilege of being the first combination to compete through the new water. At NagMag we certainly took advantage of the wonderful photos that can be produced when a rider has to take at least four strides through water. We hope you like the results and make no excuse for spending our time at the water for the first few riders through it during the BE90 Sections and for all of the BE80 (T) sections on Saturday. Our thanks go to Rupert and Rebecca Harvie and their team for laying on an excellent completion. Please see our photos of all first and second place combinations on Saturday. 

Words and photos by Julian Portch