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NagMag – a website for British based, national equestrian event photographers.

NagMag is a truly unique multi-platform media proposition. Across the website, social media and public events NagMag reaches equestrian enthusiasts with exciting images and fascinating features. Established since 2006, NagMag is one of the most respected equestrian titles based in the south of England.

Bite-size Box advertising space from only £15 per month

*Price for consecutive 3 month booking

Get noticed! Grab yourself a box for just £15 per issue

• Full colour

• Size: 530 pixels, 300dpi

• £15 per issue

• min 3 months

• No VAT to pay

Once payment has cleared, your advert will be placed on our website with a link to your facebook page, or website, or even your email address if you wish. 


We can design your advert for you, at no extra cost, and we can write copy for you if necessary. We'll send you a proof for approval before it goes to print.

Email your details – logo or business name, photo and contact details – to or call Shirley on 01273 842568



Accepted Formats
ENM Solutions Limited only accepts:

• JPEGs – RGB colour only. Resolution 300dpi
• GIFs – RGB colour only. Resolution 300dpi
These can be animated or static.
• SWF – Please contact 01273 842568 for full details on how to supply Flash adverts.

Please note: We do not accept open documents of Photoshop, ImageReady, Flash etc.

As agreed with your contact.


Send your advert artwork directly to:


Please note: Without the getURLparameter in place we will not track clicks on the swf. We also require a backup gif or a static jpg with anyswfad-format.


ENM Solutions cannot be held responsible for errors, ommissions or missed ads as a result of technological incompatibilities

Banner Advert: 960 x 210 pixels

Exclusive to you

£95 per month


Button strip Advert: 300 x 172 pixels

Plus a Link to your website

£25 per month.

*Price for consecutive 3 month booking


Bite-size Box Advert: 172 x 172 pixels

Plus a Link to your website

£15 per month

*Price for consecutive 3 month booking


Each advert on our website will receive a posting about your product / business on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest!


Contact NagMag for further information
Direct Line: 01273 842568


Have your company’s details online for 6 months in our Classified section when you place a Bite-size Button Advert Online
Terms apply*


Promote your Equine Service with:


• No more than 3 colour Images
• Contact details: name, address & tel
• Up to 100 words about your business
• Hyper links to your website and email


For more information email or call Linda on 01273 962069

Once payment has cleared, your details will be uploaded on to immediately.

*min 3 months booking required


1. ENM Solutions Limited reserves the right to revise, reject, discontinue or omit any advertisement, or to cancel any advertising contract, for reasons satisfactory to ENM Solutions Limited without notice or without penalty to either party. All advertising subject to ENM Solutions Limited’s approval. Right reserved to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with Standards of Acceptability to ENM Solutions Limited, to lighten or change type, borders or illustrations.

2. Rates quoted are for online advertising only. ENM Solutions Limited reserves the right to classify all advertisements. No agency commissions are paid on digital advertising unless specified otherwise.

3. ENM Solutions Limited may increase advertising rates at any time and all contracts are accepted subject to this condition. The Advertiser may cancel any contract without short rate penalty on notice within 15 days after higher rates are made effective by ENM Solutions Limited unless specified otherwise.

4. The liability of ENM Solutions Limited for damage arising out of errors in advertisements is limited to the amount paid for space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisements in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to the negligence of ENM Solutions Limited’s employees or otherwise. The liability of ENM Solutions Limited for damage arising out of non-insertion of any advertisement is limited to the amount received by ENM Solutions Limited for such advertisement. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify ENM Solutions Limited for any losses or costs incurred by ENM Solutions Limited as a result of publishing an advertisement which is libelous or misleading or otherwise subjects ENM Solutions Limited to liability. Should an error be made by ENM Solutions Limited which in its judgment materially affects the value of an advertisement, a corrected advertisement will be inserted upon demand without further charge. “Make good” insertions will not be granted on minor errors which in ENM Solutions Limited’s judgment do not lessen the value of the whole advertisement. Notice of error required the day of first insertion. ENM Solutions Limited accepts no responsibility for loss of profit or consequential damages arising from any errors made in any advertisement whether such error is due to the negligence of ENM Solutions Limited’s employees or otherwise.

5. ENM Solutions Limited will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, misleading or offensive to its readers.

6. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an invoice. Once your artwork and payment is received, your advertising will be put online within 3-5 days, subject to space availability. Accounts are considered past due if payment is not made within 30 days of the invoice date. Before credit is extended, the Advertiser must satisfy ENM Solutions Limited of ability to meet obligation. 2% monthly (26.82% annually) charged on balance over 60 days.

7. All materials produced by ENM Solutions Limited will remain the property of ENM Solutions Limited. ENM Solutions Limited will not be responsible for the return of materials supplied by the Advertiser unless return delivery instructions are received when the advertisement is placed.


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